Defense medicine is evolutionary medicine and it’s good medicine.

Western Medicine continues in the mindset of humoral medicine when is sees illness as a disturbance in homeostasis. Often included in the disturbance are bothersome symptoms that represent physiological responses to a challenge. The allostatic model is a current proposed that recognizes the homeostatic disturbance, argues for honoring and supporting it, but does not link […]

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Healthcare Revisited–Again!

We at Common Sense Medicine know that any healthcare system must pay attention to significant facts in order to work. We also have suggestions to make it work. Fact 1. Healthcare is both complex and adaptive–it evolves. Fact 2. Regulating such systems doesn’t work; learned from the fall of communism. Fact 3. The best way […]

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Drug deaths: Sins of commission or sins of omission?

Drug Deaths Thanks to our president the Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte is in the news again: “He is very popular over there” [and we need him to support our brand new glorious and magnificent Manila Trump Tower]. His extrajudicial execution of 7000 of his citizens for suspected drug use is a sin of commission. But […]

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On bullying

Addressing bullying: When Trump had dissenters at his rallies he raised the cry: ‘kick um out’, ‘hit um in the face’, and his followers obeyed. When he did not like his TV contestants efforts he said: ‘You’re fired.” When he won the election he appointed a staff from his closest supporters–his clique. Those are  the […]

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Superbugs and xylitol

Thirteen years ago I wrote an article that was published in Medical Hypotheses about how we can tame bacteria. Last week I got this video from a friend in Australia that shows how this is happening. My article was based on the ideas of Nathan Sharon whose research was on how bacteria attach to us […]

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Urinary Infections that kill?

Reading the news about antibiotic resistant germs causing urinary tract infections? As we have written, this is a war we have little chance of winning. The other side is just too good at coping with our weapons and we can’t adapt near as fast. We need another option! In our real world wars we look […]

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Coping with antibiotic resistance: taming bacteria

There is information everywhere you look today about our problem with antibiotic resistance and the only solution seen is more antibiotics. The July 2015 issue of Consumer Reports has the first of a three part series on the subject. President Obama announced his program in that area last March; one commentator for that announcement called […]

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Killing germs doesn’t work; let’s try feeding them.

Bacteria have a sweet tooth; feeding them the right sugars makes for friendlier adaptation, reduces the need for antibiotics, and can help solve our problem of antibiotic resistant microbes. A.H. ‘Lon’ Jones DO Common Sense Medicine Living things adapt; itʼs part of the definition of life. They adapt to changes in their environments; and they […]

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Restructuring Health Care

There has been an increase in chatter about our health care system recently, The Senate held hearings in February on revising Medicare and there have been several comments in JAMA in this vein. The diagram above represents the solution proposed by Michael Porter and Thomas Lee in the Harvard Business Review under the title of “Why Health […]

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Ebola update

The authoritative news is that we are safe from outside attacks because we have a good system. But, like our military that always seems to be fighting the last war, our authorities seem to be ignoring the abilities our pathogens have to adapt. We are told, for example, that ebola is not transmitted from a […]

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*Insurance is designed to pay for the unexpected crisis. Health insurance started that way in the U.S. but gradually, because the companies we work for were paying for it and getting a better tax break, it morphed into paying for it all. That means we have less interest in getting the ounce of prevention than if we were paying for some of those costs. Children we talk to about the dangers of drugs just say they’ll get a brain transplant if they burn theirs out. That’s why we think that Health Savings Accounts should be promoted by the government more; they put the individual back in a position of responsibility in making more choices in their health care. With Health Savings Accounts an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

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