Killing germs doesn’t work; let’s try feeding them.

Bacteria have a sweet tooth; feeding them the right sugars makes for friendlier adaptation, reduces the need for antibiotics, and can help solve our problem of antibiotic resistant microbes. A.H. ‘Lon’ Jones DO Common Sense Medicine Living things adapt; itʼs part of the definition of life. They adapt to changes in their environments; and they […]

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Singapore’s Healthcare is best. Can we use it here?

In our book, The Boids and the Bees: Guiding Adaptation to Improve our Health, Healthcare, Schools and Society, we described what we thought was the best health care system in the world. Our guiding principle was helping people make good decisions about their care and giving them the financial power to implement those decisions. The key to the […]

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Fear and the War on Drugs

Last year the Organization of the American States (OAS) had a conference that dealt largely with our drug problems and the violence associated with them. It was easy for the conferees to see that the root of the problem was all of the money pumped into this system by purchasers in the U.S.  It was […]

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Defense medicine – nasal and GI – xylitol and oral rehydration

Common Sense Medicine looks at our body’s defenses, those functions of our body that protect us from insults in our environments. These functions have developed over the years by natural selection and are the best that are available to us. They are strongest where we are most vulnerable–at the openings to our bodies where we […]

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Craig Reynolds modeled the complex flocking patterns of birds and fish using three main steering behaviors: separation, cohesion, and alignment (see his website: http:// Reynolds called the generic simulated creatures “Boids,” and Dr. Jones and Jerry Bozeman adopted this name into the title of their book. As birds, fish, and humans are all complex […]

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Thank You, Standard and Poor’s

Thank you Standard and Poor’s for telling us what we already know. Now can we do anything about it? Right now many of us feel a bit  like Clark Little as he waited under this breaking wave to get just the right shot. How much of a wipe out is this going to be? In [...]

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Partisan Politics on a Larger Scale

As a physician, I am endlessly intrigued by the processes of adaptation that has led to our being on this earth; and I am amazed that these processes show up so dramatically in our differing politics. So for those wishing to think a bit deeper than sound-bites, here’s my two cent’s worth. Bacteria are the […]

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Seeing with New Eyes

Einstein was right on when he said that we can’t fix our problems as long as we think the same way we did when we created them. That holds true in lots of areas in our world, but it is especially applicable to healthcare; and the need to see our problems differently is fundamental to […]

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Common Sense Medicine

Welcome to Common Sense Medicine ® where we try to see our bodies and the practice of medicine that we have established to care for them in a new way. Before studying medicine I got a graduate degree in the history of science and ideas so I am interested in why we do things the […]

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*Insurance is designed to pay for the unexpected crisis. Health insurance started that way in the U.S. but gradually, because the companies we work for were paying for it and getting a better tax break, it morphed into paying for it all. That means we have less interest in getting the ounce of prevention than if we were paying for some of those costs. Children we talk to about the dangers of drugs just say they’ll get a brain transplant if they burn theirs out. That’s why we think that Health Savings Accounts should be promoted by the government more; they put the individual back in a position of responsibility in making more choices in their health care. With Health Savings Accounts an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

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