Defense medicine – nasal and GI – xylitol and oral rehydration

Common Sense Medicine looks at our body’s defenses, those functions of our body that protect us from insults in our environments. These functions have developed over the years by natural selection and are the best that are available to us. They are strongest where we are most vulnerable–at the openings to our bodies where we […]

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Our Interconnected World

Choosing to major in Mathematics and choosing to major in Music might not be as different as we like to think. A recent article by the University of Chicago describes composers and mathematicians who use math to explore music and sound in new ways. A while ago we wrote a blog post about Einstein losing himself […]

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Exploratory Learning

                                As our thoughts go with the children returning to classrooms for the new school year, it reminds us of the importance of learning and adapting. Our children should be learning and adapting at school. And we hope they will […]

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Craig Reynolds modeled the complex flocking patterns of birds and fish using three main steering behaviors: separation, cohesion, and alignment (see his website: http:// Reynolds called the generic simulated creatures “Boids,” and Dr. Jones and Jerry Bozeman adopted this name into the title of their book. As birds, fish, and humans are all complex […]

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Thinking Like a Child

              Thinking like a child means many things – it means letting go of inhibitions. It means being spontaneous – following a random idea just to see where it takes us. It means being persistent and open to all the new ideas that are thrown at us. And it […]

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Resolving Ferguson by Strengthening Community Capital

Everyone seems to know that the problem in Ferguson relates to a white police force in a predominantly black community. Whether the community leaders were blind to the problem, or aware of it but unable to find African American people qualified, is argued from both sides.   Howard University students take powerful #DONTSHOOT photo in […]

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The Problem of Antibiotic Resistance

I am writing this from Ghost Ranch in New Mexico where I am in a group studying with John Phillip Newell about The Rebirthing of God, the title of his latest book. One of the key points in his message is the need to connect with who we are; we come from the earth, the […]

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How we got started

I studied history before I studied medicine. I learned there that people could respond to a particular challenge in a variety of ways. Medicine tends not to see that way; drugs need to be standard so the 'average' person is who gets treated, but the 'average' person doesn't exist. And our treatments are often based on the wrong [...]

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*Insurance is designed to pay for the unexpected crisis. Health insurance started that way in the U.S. but gradually, because the companies we work for were paying for it and getting a better tax break, it morphed into paying for it all. That means we have less interest in getting the ounce of prevention than if we were paying for some of those costs. Children we talk to about the dangers of drugs just say they’ll get a brain transplant if they burn theirs out. That’s why we think that Health Savings Accounts should be promoted by the government more; they put the individual back in a position of responsibility in making more choices in their health care. With Health Savings Accounts an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

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